AI-assisted filter design

The most intelligent filter design suite, from analog passive circuits all the way to sophisticated DSP solutions in field of electroacoustics

We want you to enjoy our software, whether it's for your personal project or corporate use. All the versions are exactly the same feature-wise, no limitations (except trial's 30-day evaluation period). We want to be nice and accessible to everyone, hence the reasonable pricing model and vague differentiation between "small business" and "well-established" one. It's up to you to decide how big you are and how much you like the software.
On our end, we'll focus more on community or professional oriented features depending on how many customers of each type we have, so it's kind of a "voting" thing too, which is quite reasonable thing to do :)


free :)

30-day trial



For personal, non-profit or small companies



For well-established companies

Each licence applies to one user only. C'mon, it's only $50, buy your own licence :)